As at the time of writing this article, this is the process for ordering and requesting an ODT Rentals 365 Business Central License.


Presently the base solution is designed with regards to usage billing on a per rental invoice processed.  This is a count that is subtracted from a licensed count.  There is 100 invoice count to start with as a means of a trial license.

If you are a period based subscription customer (please discuss subscription pricing options with sales@opendoorerp.com) we provide license codes as required to top up as used.

A requirement for generating these licenses is an account via https://shop.opendoorerp.com and a valid period subscription that is active. Then with the following information, we generate and provide these license keys.

After creating your company in Business Central, locate the "Companies" list page using the search function:

Provide us with the "Name" of the company you will be licensing ODT Rentals 365:

Our team will then provide you a license key for you to update your allowed invoice count.  For additional information on this process and how to update the license please see: