We are extremely excited to announce that the ODT Rentals 365 App has been approved by Microsoft and is expected to be available in the App Source in May 2017.

The initial release of the solution will include:

  • Setup wizard to make setting up the rental solution a dream.
  • Rental Units and Groups;  Can link to a related Fixed Asset, Inventory Item, Resource or G/L Account.
  • Create flexible Rental Terms than can accommodate Daily, Weekly, Monthly/Period and Hourly.  Supports billing options including prorated or optimized and billing at the start or end.
  • Create/Manage Rental Quotes.
  • Convert a quote to a rental contract or create a Rental Contract on the fly.
  • Rental lines can be combined with traditional sales lines for billing setup/delivery or consumables with your Invoice.
  • Flexible pricing options;  Prices can be set on a unit or applied to a group.  These can be overridden on the quote/contract and invoiced.

Check back for pending updates as we continue to roll out additional features!

To find our app visit:

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