Welcome to the Jet Essentials Installation Guide

Thank you for joining the Jet Essentials family of business users. 

Here you'll find all the steps you'll need to download, install, activate, and configure Jet Essentials 2015 and higher.

For additional information, see Getting Started with Jet Essentials.

Installing a version older than Jet Essentials 2015? }

Installing Jet Essentials
  1. After downloading Jet Essentials, unzip the contents of the download file.

  2. Ensure than no instances of Excel are currently running on the system.

  3. Under "1 - Jet Essentials – REQUIRED", run the Jet Setup.exe file.

    (NOTE:  If you are installing Jet Essentials on Windows Vista or higher, or any version of Windows Server 2008 or higher, be sure to install Jet Essentials by right-clicking the Jet Essentials setup file and selecting "Run as Administrator" even if you are currently logged in as an Administrator.)

    Only one version of Jet Essentials can be installed at a time.  This makes upgrading your installation quite easy.  By installing a newer version of Jet Essentials, it replaces the older version.

Activating your Jet Essentials License

Configuring your Jet Essentials 2015 Data Sources


Jet Essentials has built-in support for data source connections to Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Jet Enterprise Cubes, and Jet Enterprise Data Warehouses.  In addition, you can define "Universal" data source connections to MSSQL databases as well as most databases that provide an OLE (preferred) or ODBC connector:


NAV 2013 and higher NAV 2009 R2 or earlier
Configuring a data source to NAV 2013 or later through SQL Server

Configuring a data source to NAV 2013 or later using Web Services

(how do I know which NAV method to choose?)

 Configuring a data source to NAV 2009 R2 or earlier
 Configuring a "Universal" SQL data source

 Configuring a data source to a Jet Enterprise data warehouse

(note: for our customers using Dynamics NAV 2013, we recommend the following NAV hotfixes)

KB Build Number Description
2815432 7.0.34298  Date period filter does not work as expected in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
2831582 7.0.34550  You experience slow performance when you open a page that uses flowfields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 

Do you use NAV 2013 Web Services and are upgrading your version of Jet Essentials?

You may need to upgrade the Jet business objects on the Microsoft Dynamics Server

Installing the Jet Configuration Service and Upgrading from Centralized Settings


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