When using the Jet Web Portal for distributing/accessing reports there can be an exclamation mark appear if there is an error running the report.  To troublshoot you must run the report by using "Diagnostic Run".

To do this, click on the report with the error status, on the Jet Web Portal, click Details at the bottom of the page.
Click Diagnostic Run
Once the Diagnostic Run has completed, click the Download button.

Download and view the report.  You can select the cell with the #Value and view the comments which provide additional information as to what can cause the report to not run.  As an example:

In this example, the common missing setup is to ensure that the SQL user permissions for db_datareader is granted.  Again, in this example:

It appears that login failed for the user account 'ODT\wilma' does not have access to the NAV database.
This error Login failed foruser 'DOMAIN\UserID' generally occurswhen the user is created on the database directly but not granted db_datareaderpermissions. In some cases the user can be granted db_datareader permissionsand will be able to connect.

The best practice is to remove the user from the databasesecurity and recreate the user in the root security of the SQL Server and mapthe user to the NAV database with db_datareader permissions.

For additional information on Jet Reports Web Portal see https://jetsupport.jetreports.com/hc/en-us/articles/221031088-Jet-Web-Portal