In order to use License Activation, you must be using Jet Essentials 2013 or later.

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After purchasing Jet Essentials you will be sent an Activation Code. This code looks something like this:


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Activate your Jet License During Installation

Your Jet License can be activated during the installation process. Enter the activation code when prompted:


This activation code will be stored on the system, and (assuming the correct activation code was entered) each user will be automatically activated using this activation code the first time the Jet Essentials Add-In is enabled in Excel for that user.

Activate your Jet License Online from Excel

If the Jet License is not activated during installation, it can be activated from the Jet ribbon within Excel.


Select the "Activate Jet License" option from the Help button on the Jet ribbon

Select the "Activate online" option


Paste of type your Activation Code in to the text box


and click the "Activate" button.


With Activation, Windows domain IDs are used to authenticate named designers and viewers. A Jet designer or viewer can activate on more than one computer, so long as they use the same Windows domain ID on each. Each Jet designer or viewer will need to enter their activation code on each computer that they use.

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