When using the ODTAC (Advanced Cheque/Payables) addon there is a table that holds the separate remittance details when processing a cheque batch.  If a user cancels or closes the second report intended to print this to plain paper the records are NOT deleted from these tables.

When running the next cheque batch there is then an error that advises the user that it appears there is a current cheque/check process in progress and blocks the user from performing the printing of the next batch.

How to resolve error "It looks like somebody else is in the middle of a cheque run right now, found records in table AP Check and/or AP check stub";

Go to a blank payment journal;

Select to "Print" the Cheques/Checks and press Cancel;

Second report should prompt, press to print to printer or pdf;

This will clear the separate remittance information allowing for the next cheque/check print process.