Issue I want to print the T4 Summary Report with actual figures and when I submit the print it shows that it is working on page 1, but it has been doing that for a long time. (i.e. 20 minutes)

What is causing this to print so slowly and is there a way to speed it up?
Cause The database contains all of the different Provincial tax calculations.  Cleaning out all the unnecessary controls, brackets and reporting authorities, the report speeds up considerably.  When the T4 Summary runs, it loops through each employer, employee and provincial tax set up.
Solution NOTE:  The client or ODT can make the following edits and please contact ODT if you have any questions or want to discuss prior to deleting/editing tax calculations.

To speed the T4 Summary Report processing 

Delete the provincial tax controls such as S MB TAX, S BC TAX etc.  

Then go to Payroll> Set Up > Calculation> Brackets, and delete all unnecessary provincial tax brackets (again, they use the same provincial abbreviations).  

After the brackets are cleaned up, go to Payroll> Set Up > General>Reporting Authorities and delete the provincial specific reporting authorities.

NOTE:  The system will not allow you to delete a pay control if it's attached to any employees; will not allow you to delete a bracket that is attached to a pay control, and will not allow you to delete a reporting authority attached to a bracket - so this must be done in sequence, and it will safeguard against deleting something that you're using.