Running Depreciation calculation periodic activity and no entries populated in the FA GL Journal.  Why?

FA > Periodic Activities > Calculation Depreciation

Entries made for depreciation amount in FA GL Journal

Navision calculates depreciation from the last FA entry for an Asset. This is a control to stop multiple deprecation entries for the same period. The "Force No of Days" option in Cal. Dep. will not override this because it is meant to reduce not exceed days available to calculate depreciation. 

If there is an FA Ledger entry dated after the period trying to calculation depreciation, it will not populate any amounts.  This can also turn into an on-going issue if process aren't organized to take this date behaviour into account.  

Example 1

Last Entry Date = 05/01/06 

Calculate Deprecation Posting Date = 04/30/06

No Depreciation 

Example 2

Last Entry Date = 05/01/06 

Calculate Deprecation Posting Date = 05/01/06

1 Day Depreciation

Example 3

Last Entry Date = 05/01/06 

Calculate Deprecation Posting Date = 05/30/06

30 Days Depreciation

Suggestions to correct current situation: 

1. Cancel FA ledger entries for months after period to calculate Dep. Then run Cal. Dep. and re-enter FA entries. 

2. Manually calculate and enter Dep. entry for month. Then coordinate all future Dep. calculation prior to any subsequent month's FA entries. 

Additional Information:

With the way Navision calculates depreciation on fixed assets, the system calculates a net book value by taking acquisition cost - all depreciation - writedowns +- any other adjustments to arrive at a remaining depreciable basis. The system then calculates depreciation for the remaining useful life or whatever method. This is very time sensitive. Therefore, to have an entry into the following month that wrote down the cost basis prevented the system from calculating depreciation in April because of the subsequent reduction in asset value to the April period.