Microsoft Dynamics Incident Number: 8870672
Incident Type: Technical Support
Subject: Error when attempting to Export to Excel
Product Line: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Topic:  General Ledger
Version: 4.0
Build/Detailed Version: SP3
Database: Microsoft SQL2000
Server OS: Windows Server 2003

When the client is using the Export to Excel functionality in the General Ledger, Analysis by Dimension they are getting the following error:

Error message is

This message is for C/Al Programmers:
The Automation variable has not been instantiated.
You can instantiate it by either creating or assigning it.


The Column/Row selection for the dimension was entered in lower case.  This causes an error because the dimension code is a code field and is upper case.  Ensure that when manually entering the dimension code for the row or coloumn layout prior to export that it is entered in uppercase.