When trying to go into Overview for any Account Schedule, receive the following message:

There is no Accounting Period within the filter.
Filters: Starting Date: '..10/31/06, New Fiscal Year: Yes

This occurs when opening the overview for a newer company after viewing the overview in an older company.

For example, Company A has accounting periods going back to 2000.
Company B was just created and only has accounting periods for 2007.

After looking at an overview for Co A, for the year 2005, then opening Co B, and you try to open the same overview, you receive the error message.  There is no place to change the date filter.  You need to go back to Co A, change the date filter there, then go back to Co B.


Based on the information presented, you are running into what amounts to an unfortunate side effect of the ZUP file functionality in Navision.  The ZUP file stores all of the filters, last record accessed in each area, last company information that was previously accessed by the user, and other settings on the client.  Because the date range entered on reports and in other system areas is carried to the Report the next time the Report is run, you have a situation where the retaining of a date filter isn't helpful.  I know of two workarounds for you in this situation:

1) Setup a different shortcut for each company access.  On the Target Line of the Shortcut Icon Properties, you could possibly use a different ID= Parameter to generate a unique zup file or have separate COMPANY= parameter on each shortcut icon to reference the specific company the user will access with each NAV icon.   You would have separate shortcuts for each company the user accesses.  The only negative with setup like this is that the user would need to exit out of Navision and use the different icon to access a different company.

2) The other option would be to set up the Accounting Periods to match in each company under Financial Management - Setup - Accounting Periods.