I am having some what appears to be exchange issues.  What is happening is my National USD GL account is showing the opening balance for February is 254,537.88, this ties to the "Bank Acc-Detail Trial Bal".  However what has imported into my Bank Reconciliation worksheet is $258,506.28.  The difference between the two amounts is $3968.40.  This is the amount that is showing out of balance on my Feb Bank Reconciliation worksheet.

Solution The Exchange rate the bank reconciliation for the NAT US bank rec is using was the updated/anticipated rate of 1.1353.  When you view the bank account ledger entries and the report Bank Account - Detail Trial Balance the rate between the displayed US amounts and the Canadian equivalent is a rate of 1.1530.

The bank reconciliation uses the currency rate from the Currency Exchange Rate table for and calculates the US amount based from the known Canadian Balance ($) where as in the bank detail report and related GL entries uses the known US source transaction amount and converts to Canadian amount ($).  These are two different exchange rates in the rate table.

There is a discrepancy in the Exchange rate table between the "Relational Exch. Rate Amount" and "Relational Adjmt Exch Rate Amt" fields for the february 28th record used.  The 'Relational Exch. Rate Amount' rate is used by the Bank Reconciliation and the "Relational Adjmt Exch Rate Amt" rate is used by the Adjust Exchange Rate program and calculates the GL Balance.


Please have update the table to ensure that both rates are the same. Then must do the following:

-Run the Adjust the Exchange Rate program noted by Denise
-Must Go to the Bank Reconciliation and use the Functions, Re-calculate G/L Balance
-Possibly re-imput the statement date to refresh additional calculations if required.