In the recurring journals, the user is able to post an entry, seemingly without a value in the Dept Code field.  But when you look at the Line Dimensions, there is a value there.

And when you drill down on this transaction in the Chart of Accounts, the Dept Code field is blank. Yet when you filter on the dimension code that appeared in the line dimensions of the recurring journal, the transaction was posted to this dimension.

Basically, when you look at the transaction in the general ledger, the dept code field appears blank, but when you drill down on the line dimension, there is a value.  So somewhere there is a 'disconnect' between these fields.

I checked tables 17 & 355, and for the transactions I tested, a dept code appears in table 355, but not in table 17.

Solution This issue is a result of the confusion in Navision between having dimension codes on the actual transaction entry line, in this case the recurring journal entry line, and the attached dimension table that includes all dimensions to be posted with the transaction.  The inconsistent structure between the treatment of the two global dimensions, which are always attached to all unposted and posted transaction lines, and the additional dimensions creates this problem.  The additional dimensions can be entered through shortcut codes available on unposted transaction lines but they are then posted only to the underlying dimension detail table attached to each posted transaction line.  The global dimensions will show on both the posted transaction line and the underlying dimension detail.

The problem in this case was that the unposted recurring journal entry line did not have the global dimensions populated but the underlying dimension table did.  When the transaction was posted, the underlying dimensions were passed on to the posted general ledger detail line but the global dimensions on the posted line were left blank because they were blank on the unposted entry.

Some confusion was created in using account schedules to analyze the transactions.  Using a filter on a department code displayed the transaction, which means the schedule must look at the underlying dimension table, but drilling down to the transaction showed a blank department field on the journal entry line itself.

Recurring entries should have both appropriate global dimensions and all appropriate dimension shortcut fields populated before they are posted.