NetType settings for Database Server and Application Server or Jet Reports must match


When starting the Navision Application Server or when trying to connect to the Navision Database Server using Jet Reports, a warning in the event viewer may indicate that:
'The network is not functioning correctly.  A 'packet' has been corrupted (a checksum error).

This error indicates that the network is not completely reliable.  Please not how often this type of error occurs in the network.'

This usually means that the communication protocols do not match or in the case of Jet Reports, this could mean that the Navision Database Server nettype option is configured to use TCPS. Jet Reports only works over TCP.

For the Navision Application Server:
Setting both the Navision Database Server and the Navision Application Server NetType to TCP or NetBios (TCP for MS SQL databases) and restating the servers will likely solve this problem.

For Jet Reports:
Setting the Navision Database Server NetType to TCP oand restating the server will likely solve this problem.