Using Jet Reports with Citrix Server


If you want to use Jet Reports with Citrix, you will need to publish your entire desktop to have full use of drilldown and the Designer window. You will need to have Jet Reports, Excel and your data source all installed on the Citrix desktop. If you are using Jet Reports with Navision, Navision Client and C/Front have to be installed on the Citrix desktop as well. If you are using an OLE connector, you will need to have the OLE driver installed for your particular database. If you are using ODBC, you need to have a data source configured in your ODBC Data Source Administrator, as well as the connection to that data source configured in Jet Reports. You may want to change the DefaultOptions.JOP file as described in 'Changing the Default Installation Options' so your users will be automatically configured except for their User Name and Password. If you are using Window Logins for database security and want more control over future changes to the Jet Reports Configuration, you can set your default configuration to use a common Jet Reports options file. This procedure is described in the 'Auto Import Options' section.

Regardless of how you decide to configure Jet Reports, the Excel options and Jet Reports options are stored on a Per-User basis. This means that each user will have to run 'Activate' from the Start Menu to get access to Jet and enter their username and password. It also means that your database security will be maintained since each user's credentials are stored separately.