The Options and Locations of the Navision license file - Native Database Server


The Options and Locations of the Navision license file


Navision Native database edition:

A single-user installation comes with a demonstration license file, cronus.flf, that allows you to see all the application areas in the demonstration company that is part of the accompanying standard database, database.fdb. To start working with Navision, you will need a license file that contains permissions for the desired application areas and functions. You obtain the license file from your Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner. 

You can use your license file to work in the demonstration company as well as your own companies, but your permissions will be limited (even in the demonstration company) to those provided by the license file. On the other hand, your license file does not contain the restrictions of the demonstration license file. 

Your license file is always named fin.flf, and you receive it on a diskette by itself. In a single-user installation, copy the license from the diskette to your computer. In a multi-user installation, the license will be copied to the server during the installation process and does not need to be copied to the individual clients. The clients automatically work with the same license file as the server to which they are connected. 

After you have copied your license file to your computer or the server, store the diskette in a safe place until you need to use it again. 

Importing a License File

In the License Information window, click Import, to use a different license file. The Import License File dialog box appears. Locate and select the license file that you want and then click Open. The program will then import the license file into the Navision folder on your computer and it will be called fin.flf. The license file will automatically replace any other file called fin.flf without asking you to confirm that you want it to do so. This new license file will be the active license file the next time you open Navision. When you connect to a server, the license stored there will become the active license. 

Exporting a License File

Click Export to export a copy of your license file, such as to a disk. The Export License File appears. This is a standard windows dialog box. 

Temporarily Changing the License File

If, for example, you are a Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner representative visiting a customer, you may want to change the license file temporarily. To do so, insert the disk containing the license file and then click Change. The Change License File dialog box appears. Select the license file to be read into the system. The information contained in it will be transferred to the client when you click Open. When you access any servers, this temporary license information will continue to be used instead of the license information stored on the servers. The server license will be reinstated when Navision is closed and opened again. 

Navision will warn you before your license expires. If you fail to notice the warning and the license on the server expires, you will not be able to access the server. However, you can use the Change facility to gain access to the server by using an alternative license file.