How to Expand a single Navision Standard Database file


Expanding the Database

You use the expand database function to increase the size of a single file database.

You do not need to expand your database until you are about to run out of available space. You can check this by clicking File, Database, Information and looking in the Database Used (KB) field in the Database Information window. The value in this field should not exceed 80% (rule of thumb). As soon as it reaches this level, it is a good idea to expand the database.

Warning  Navision does not give you any warning that you are about to run out of space in the database. You must keep track of the status of the database, including how much space is left and how much database space you have purchased permission for.  However, Navision displays an error message if there is not sufficient free space to perform the current task. It also displays an error message if you are performing a time-consuming task and all the available space in the database that contains your Snapshot has been used by other concurrent activities.


The performance of the program depends only slightly on the size of the database.  Unsatisfactory performance may be caused by problems with your equipment, by storing the database in an impractical location, or by setting the Cache and Commit Cache program properties without giving due consideration to your needs.


To expand your database, you must have adequate space available on your hard disk(s), and you must have purchased permission for (at least) a database of the size you want to expand to. The Licensed Size (KB) field in the Database Information window shows the size database you have purchased permission for. If you don't have permission to expand the database further, an error message will appear when you try to do so.

Remember that it is not always a good idea to simply expand your database to the maximum size possible; once space has been allocated to the database it cannot be used for anything else on your computer.

Before you expand your database, it is a good idea to have all other users close Navision and back up your database.

To Expand the Database
Click File, Database, Expand. The Expand Database window appears.

To expand the database, enter the number of kilobytes you want to add in the Add (KB)field, or enter the new total number of kilobytes in the New Size (KB) field. Click OK to expand the database.