Details of how to import Navision FOB/Text files


What is an FOB Object Set?

FOB object sets contain software development updates provided by Open Door Technology.  These object sets may contain custom development targeted specifically for your company, and/or improvements that have been developed by Navision North America which should be applied to all North American clients.

How to Import FOB Objects

1.      It is recommended to perform a full Navision backup before importing major object updates.

2.      You should have received a filename with an .FOB file extension.  Save this into a known directory on your file system.

3.      From Navision, select Tools->Object Designer.

4.      Select File->Import, then browse to and Open the FOB file to be imported.

5.      You will be given a dialogue box saying choose OK to open the Import Worksheet.  Press the OK button.

6.      You should now see an Import Worksheet.  Always press the Replace All button before pressing OK.

7.      You will see a final informational screen saying how many objects were imported (replaced, created, merged, etc.).  Again, just press OK.