Update 1 for Microsoft Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1 is available


Update 1 for Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1 is available.

Update 1 for Microsoft Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1 is a kernel update rollup that contains fixes for the problems that are described in the following Knowledge Base articles:

907804 You cannot use Navision Application Server to run the Adjust Cost process in Microsoft Navision 3.70

908526 The Export function of a dataport may take longer to run than expected when the 'Microsoft SQL Server' option is selected in Microsoft Navision 4.0

908799 A shortcut does not open a form or a report in Microsoft Navision 4.0

908854 The Microsoft Navision client may become unstable and crash

909929 When you print a report and then open a Salesperson card in Microsoft Navision 4.0, the Salesperson card does not receive the focus

911573 Error message when you move a data item in a report that you design in Microsoft Navision: 'Microsoft Navision has encountered a problem and needs to close'

911574 Error message when you try to open an FDF file by using a hyperlink command in Microsoft Navision: 'C/SIDE hyperlinking failed'

911575 Error message when you try to open a database in Microsoft Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1 if the database was created in Microsoft Navision 3.70 Service Pack B Update 1: 'The following SQL Server error(s) occurred: 207,'42S22'

911653 Error message when you paste selected records from a form to a table that has the property 'PasteIsValid=No' in Microsoft Navision: 'You are not allowed to paste in this table'

911654 You are prompted to convert the database every time that you open a database in a client installation of Microsoft Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1

911655 You receive a runtime error if you set the first parameter in the FINDSET function to TRUE and if there is no record in the filter in Microsoft Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1

911747 You cannot use the Microsoft Navision ODBC driver together with linked servers in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

911748 When you create a new SQL Server database on a Microsoft Navision 4.0 client, a message is written to the transaction log file that says that the database has a restricted maximum size of a negative number

911751 Error message when you specify a criterion in a query in Microsoft Access and then run the query to look for data in a Microsoft Navision 4.0 table: 'ODBC-call failed'

911752 After you restore the Terminal Server window, the navigation pane of Microsoft Navision 4.0 may be maximized, and you may not be able to resize the pane

911753 A memory leak may occur when you work in the debugging environment in
Microsoft Navision 4.0

911819 When you run the dataport object for the Integer table by using the Microsoft SQL Server database, a dataport object for the Integer table counts the records, and a window appears in Microsoft Navision 4.0 that shows the records that have been counted
911823 Microsoft Navision does not display the list of available tables when you perform a mail merge by using an ODBC connection to a non-English version of a Microsoft Navision 4.0 database

911824 Microsoft Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1 prompts you to convert a Microsoft Navision 4.0 database, even though you already converted it

911825 An extra 'd' character may be displayed at the end of a date in a message or in a report in Microsoft Navision

911826 Slow performance may occur when you read data from a table in Microsoft Navision 4.0

911818 Some printers print only the A4 paper size in Microsoft Navision 4.0

Password for extracting the update:  Z6@Iou1n9Q