Issue  How to Change Effective Date (Retroactively) on Overhead Rate of an Item


In order to reflect the overhead rate of an item at a differenct price effective at a retroactive date, you must do the following steps:

1) Print a "Transaction & Valuation" report before starting (for the specified items)
      - Inventory Module - Item Reports - Choose specific items

2) Changed the Overhead rate in the Item Card - Invoicing tab

3) Run the Adj. Cost Item /Entries
   (for the specified items, choose the costing method Ex. FIFO and choose the Last Direct cost) in Financial Mgmt -  Inventory - Costing menu

4) Run the Adj. Cost Item with TODAY'S date in order to adjust all transactions after retroactive date (i.e. Dec 1/05) to present (Jan 1/05),  
in Financial Mgmt - Inventory - Costing menu

5) Run Post Cost to G/L to update the correct GL Accounts for the 'net change'  X qty used