A customer has noted the following questions when using Lot functionality with "Man. Expir. Date Entry Reqd." :

1. In the current expiry functionality, when doing a Transfer Order, the system requires the user to input the expiry date again but it does not give you anywhere to look it up. It also allows you to enter a different expiry date than what was originally entered. This would need to be changed to have the system default the expiry date to the original based on item / lot selected - same functionality would be required for status.

2. The system currently does not let you do a TO on expired product. There may be instances that we need to transfer expired / rejected product. Is there a way to override this function.

They were told that there may be a critical hotfix issued for this. Is this correct and if so I could not find any information on Partnersource.


This functionality has been changed in 5.0 but there is a slight code change you can do in 4.0 to default in the expiration date.

Codeunit 6500:

AssistEditLotSerialNo(VAR TrackingSpecification : TEMPORARY Record "Tracking Specification";SearchForSupply : Boolean;CurrentSignFactor ...


IF ItemTrackingSummaryForm.RUNMODAL = ACTION::LookupOK THEN BEGIN ItemTrackingSummaryForm.GETRECORD(TempEntrySummary);

TrackingSpecification."Serial No." := TempEntrySummary."Serial No."; TrackingSpecification."Lot No." := TempEntrySummary."Lot No."; TrackingSpecification."Expiration Date" := TempEntrySummary."Expiration Date"; // new line IF ((CurrentSignFactor < 0) AND SearchForSupply) THEN

There is no hotfix or override for strict expiration posting. This would be a customization.