Posting warehouse documents and adjustments in directed putaway and pick locations.


Sometimes the warehouse entries can become out of balance with the item ledger entries.


Normally, when an adjustment is made to the warehouse bin quantities, the user would then open the item journal and run the calc. warehouse adjustment report which restores the balance between the warehouse entries and the item ledger entries. Unfortunately, sometimes the warehouse bin contents become out of balance with the item ledger entries and the item journal report cannot correct the imbalance. When this happens you must make a 'one sided' adjustment to the warehouse entries to restore the balance.

Note:  Resolution requires a developer license and modification of form 7324 and Showing the fields "From Zone", "From Bin", "To Zone", "To Bin".

Start with the Warehouse Item Journal and show two columns using the Form Designer in the Warehouse Item Journal. The two columns are Warehouse From Zone and From Bin Codes, which are going to default to Adjustment Zone and Bin.

For Positive Adjustments where the Item Ledger quantity is higher than the Warehouse Entry Quantity, you will be able to post a one side Warehouse Entry to whatever zone and bin you want (Pick or Put/Pick bin) with the positive quantity to match the Warehouse Entry quantity to the Item Ledger Quantity. To make the one sided entry occur, you must delete the Adjustment Zone and Bin from the From Zone and From Bin Code fields.

If you must make a negative quantity entry because the Item Ledger is lower than the Warehouse Entries, enter the From Zone and From Bin Codes for the Zone and Bin where you will reduce quantity and make sure that the Adjustment Bin is not selected.
You might also need to blank out the To Zone and To Bin fields in this transaction to prevent the items from being pulled into the Item journal when the Calc whse adjustment is run.