Issue List of jobs is missing jobs out of sequence
There was a gap in Job No. List and the missing Jobs either created and deleting while in Planning stage or the Job No. series has been altered.  No filters are showing at the bottom of the screen at the Job card and Job listing.  The client wants to be able to continue creating Jobs in the correct No. series at the beginning of the gap.  

Job #G07563 has been created but is completely blank and the status is at 'Planning'.
This job shows up in the table but not in the job listing.  In the job list it jumps from Job #xxxx62 to #xxxx66.  Job's #64 & #65 have not been created.

Tested the Card and Job List records with various filtering methods to recreate the issue were the job ????63 is showing up in the card but not in the list.  Could not produce the same results as noted.

Reviewed the Job card and table and noticed there is also a workorder form that shares the job table.  The process required is to select the assist edit button (button on the end of the No. field that has 3 dots) and pick the required no. series for either a Job or work order.  It is possible that the users are accidentally selecting the wrong no. series for the particular card they are in and the record being displayed in the 'Other' form.

The field that identifies which form to display the record in is 'Work Order'.

Please review this field to identify whether purhapes the records missing are selected as Work Orders.

To use a No. that is not the next in the sequence you must change the Last Document No. to be the no. prior to the one desired then change it back to #xxxx66 for the ongoing future no.s