Issue Customer successfully installed same version of C/FRONT as Navision Client.  Confirmed the SDK folder is in the Navision Client folder but getting the below message when testing connection in Jet Options in Excel.


C/FRONT Fatal Error: CFRONT.DLL is not loaded, use ConnectServerandOpenDatabase at first
The problem is with C/Front 4.0 SP1. There were builds of this version that were not compatible certain Jet Reports version. This link

*See Attachment as well*

explains what version of Jet Reports is compatible with the various versions of NAV and what builds of C/Front and NAV you should use.

Currently, for NAV 4.0 users, we recommend either 4.0 SP2 build 23099 or 4.0 SP3 build 24080 with Jet Reports 5.3.1 or later.