Issue Loading a New License
To install a Navision license file sent as an attachment, follow the procedure provided below.

Single-user installation:
(1) Invoke Navision Financials.
(2) When the Navision Financials main menu appears, click on the Tools option.
(3) In the Tools pull-down menu, click on License Information. A window entitled 'License Information' should appear.
(4) Click on the Import... button at the bottom of the window. A window entitled 'Import License File' should appear.
(5) At the File Name: prompt (left side of the window), make sure the name Fin.FLF is in the field.
(6) Put the license diskette into the A drive.
(7) Click on the OK button. The license file will be imported.
(8) Exit and re-enter Navision Financials in order for the new license to take effect.

Client/Server Installation:
On the Navision server:
. Stop the Service.
. Locate the Navision Server program folder and rename the old Fin.flf license file on the server - in case something is wrong with the new license file, you still have your old license file.
. Copy the new license file to the server - to the directory, where Navision is installed and ensure the file name is Fin.FLF.
. Start the Service.

If you are using the Microsoft SQL Server Option, follow this procedure:

1) Connect to the SQL Server using Navision Attain.  This is normally done by simply running your Navision SQL Client and logging in as per normal.
2) Under the Tools menu, select License Information.
3) In the new window that appears, select the Import button. Find and open the new license file.
4) Navision will close the database but client will remain open with new license file
5) Reopen the Database
File > Database > Open > select Database > (Enter login information if required) > OK
6) Tools > License Information > Upload > Ok to confirmation message

You do not need to install the license to the individual Clients. They will automatically work under the same license file as the server unless you run Jet Reports.  If Jet Reports is installed on particular clients you must replace the current Fin.flf files in the Navision Program Folder.