Issue How to Add Functionality to Menu Suite
For Navision 4.0 and later.

How to Add Functionality to Menu Suite
Example: Sales Taxes Collected Report #24

Requirements: High level of Navision security and access to Object Designer and Navigation Pane Designer.

Step 1: Check that object with desired functionality is imported into Navision Database

Tools > Object Designer > Select Type of Object (Table, Form, Report, Dataport, XMLport, Codeunit, or MenuSuite) > Find by ID or Name
If object is not in database, import and repeat.

Step 2: Add to Menu (Example: Report #24 - Sales Taxes Collected)

-Activate Navigation Pane Designer
Tools > Navigation Pane Designer

-Select location to add functionality
Example: Financial Management > General Ledger > Reports > Tax Reporting

-Right click and choose 'Create Item'

-Enter new functionality criteria
Object Type: Report
Object ID: 24
Caption: Auto fills with Report Object Name (Editble)
CaptionML: Auto fills with Report Object Name (Editble by match Caption)

Press ESC and menu appears with message 'Do you want to save the changes to the MenuSuite 90 Company?'

The new object function is added and save to menu suite.