Issue The client is trying to restrict access to payroll. Specifically, he created a custom role for an employee and added the table Employee Rate with Restricted Permissions - Read Only.

When he tested the employee's security, she still had the ability to modify rates.
Our HR assistant needs access to all payroll, but should have read-only access to the Payroll Rates.

1) Determine the exact name of the rate table. Can you do a CTRL+F2 and get designer? Then do a properties (use the icon or SHIFT+F4). The exact name of this table is Employee Rate.

2) Go to Object Designer and do a search for 'Employee Rate'. Get the table number. It is 14020066.

3) Go to the table 'Permission' which is 2000000005 and run it.

4) Do a field filter on table 14020066 and it shows you 4 or 5 roles that contain this table. I saw your new role for the user. At the time I saw it, it was allowing delete, insert and modify. Turn that off. Write down the name of the other roles that allow non-read functionality for this table.

5) Go to Tools, Security, Windows Logins (or Database login if applicable). Look for Teri and then click on the Roles button at the bottom of the screen. Does she have any of these other roles that allow her to modify Employee Rates?

6) Assuming yes, you need to review the additional Roles for other tables and determine if Teri needs access to them. If yes, add that table to your new customized role. Then, delete the original role from the user's access.

7) Once you are done, ask the user to close and relaunch Navision. Test the new security.