Issue Creating User Role for Database Backup and Restore
Creating User Role for Database Backup and Restore Functionality

There is a way to give Navision Users ability to perform Navision database backups and restores in a specific role.  Often this is required in cases of regular backup users on vacation, staff turnover, and restricted security of SUPER user.

The ideal way to set this up is to create a new role with backup and restore permission levels.  This enables users without the SUPER role to perform this functionality.  The backup functionality is found in the System 5410 object and restore is System 5420 object.  Below are steps for where to find and add this:
-Create role for backup permissions - I.e. BACKUP
-Add permissions to role
Role button > Permissions
Object Type = System
Object ID = 5410 (Tools, Backup)

Read = YES
Insert = YES
Modify = YES
Delete = YES
Execute = YES

-Repeat for System, 5420 (Tools, Restore) if restore function for user is appropriate.
-Assign Backup role to user(s)
-Close and re-open Navision