Issue In the client company, batch # SEMI123105, the payroll administrator has the following errors:

1. For employee # E00985, the posting date is Jan 13, 2005 it should be Jan 13, 2006.

2. For employee #'s E00908 & E00963.  The pay cycle period should be 1 instead of 2.

3. The line # column is no longer visible.
Once the cheque is printed base Navision does not allow modifications to the payroll journal.

For clients without any customization in Payroll Setup to override the edits which disallow modifications, go into the Payroll Journal line table and export the object to maintain the original version tagging.

Switch to the Open Door license.

Then, go back to the table, use the design button and CAL code. Find "ON MODIFY" and comment out the entire section. Compile the object.

Advise the client to make their changes and to let you know when they have posted their journal.

Go back to object designer after they have confirmed the journal posted and re-import the original object.

For the missing Line # field, the chance is pretty good the implementer added it to better read the payroll journal errors, didn't send it back to the developer to put in the master database and a later version of the object didn't have the field showing.

Using the ODT license, CTRL F2 to Designer and add the Field "Line No." Compile the object. Export it and email it to the developer to properly version tag and put in the master. The developer will send you back a properly version tagged object. Re-import it into the live database so the Line No. will not be overwritten again.