Issue Generating Pay Cycle Periods
NOTE: See attached document for how to generate pay cycle periods with screenshot figures.

In order to do the last payroll journal for the year, new pay cycle periods need to be created.  Periods need to be generated for each pay cycle code that is used.

The list of Pay cycle codes are found in Payroll > General > Pay Cycles.

Select the Pay Cycle Code you wish to work with and click the Pay Cycle button, then Terms.  The Pay Cycle Terms window will appear.

Click on the Term button, then Pay Cycle Periods to see the Pay Cycle Periods for this Code and Term.

You will then see the dates associated with this Code and Term.  Make note of the dates for the last period.  Close this window to return to the Pay Cycle Terms window.

Type in the name of the new Term; be sure to use your established naming convention.

When you tab off this field, the Default Periods field will contain the default number of periods associated with this Pay Cycle Code.

With the new term selected, click on the Functions button, then Generate Pay Periods.  This will bring up the Pay Cycle Period Generator window.

Input the number of Pay Periods to Generate based on the number of period for the upcoming year and the Pay Period Start Date.  Click OK.

You will receive the following message when complete.

The Periods Generated field will now have the number of periods.

The Pay Cycle Periods will contain the periods information.  Verify that this is correct.