Issue When trying to post the payroll journal the following error occurs:
Amount -662.835471538661538 needs to be rounded in Gen. journal Line Journal Template Name ='Payroll', Journal Batch Name ='TDL2DNRUN', Line No = '0'
Opendoor Technology recommends using existing year-end pay controls or creating new pay controls for processing year-end adjustments to prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

As a rule pay controls should not be changed in any way, other than a rate change, during the year, especially the calculation method steps. If a change is required, it is best to create a new pay control in place of the old one to avoid creating year-end balancing issues or inconsistency errors.

Some Developer-Specific Notes about how we were able to debug this -

We ended up removing the "CONSISTENCY" check in Codeunit 12, in the TEST Trinidad database, and forced the payroll journal to post through even though it was out of balance. This allowed us to look at the amounts in the G/L Entry table to see the actual amount that was out of balance. We discovered that if we added up the amounts on the Payroll Journal lines for the CPP and EI Payroll Control codes, that they added up to the exact amount that was out of balance. This in turn led us to look at the G/L Posting Type setting on those specific Payroll Control cards. It turned out that if we changed the setting on those Pay Control cards back to what it was when the "Calculate Payroll" was originally done, then the Payroll Journal was able to post without raising the inconsistency error.

The pay cheques calculated using the GL Post Type of (Post Liability and Cash to GL) causing the Net Pay to deduct the (CPP ER and EI ER) amounts from the pay cheque.

The cheque was calculated and printed in this manner.

Step 1: So in order to post the payroll journals the pay control codes both had to have the posting type temporarily changed to (Post Liability and Cash to GL).

Step 2: The pay controls both need to be changed back to the correct GL posting type of (Post Expense and Liability to GL).

Step 3: The Net Pay on the pay cheque that was deposited for the employee was incorrect.  Issue an AP cheque for the amount of the Employer CPP and EI combined using the expense account 50520.  The payroll side of things is okay.

Asking everyone to log out of Navision, import fix and then log in again.  Able to post afterwards.