Issue Validating T4 xml Files
1) Download and install Liquid XML Studio - a free XSD editor.
2) Download the CRA XML Schema and unzip into a directory on your computer.  Make a note of this directory as it will be needed in a future step.  (I saved it to C:\TEMP\CRA Schema\)
3) Generate the T4 or T4A XML file from Navision by running the T4 - Laser or T4A - Laser report.
4) Copy the files you wish to validate into the Schema folder you created.
5) Run Liquid XML Studio and open the generated T4 or T4A XML file.
6) Click on the Validate XML Document icon or press F7 to validate the data.
7) The Error List window at the bottom will state whether or not there are errors.
8) If there are errors:
. You can correct the data in Navision and regenerate the XML file or,
. You can correct the data in the XML file, but you must also remember to correct the data in Navision.
9) If you did not have to correct the file, then close it without saving and it can be sent as is to the CRA.
10) If you had to correct the file, click Yes when asked to save changes to the file.