Issue A customer has implemented two new Windows 2008 Servers with Terminal Server and load balancing.
Problem occurs when printing reports from NAV via an RDC client (on a XP SP3 workstation) where the report margin property is set to 0 (try standard report 10119 "Purchase Blanket Order").
To view the margin default of the report, design, go to Report Properties and property "LeftMargin."
After printing the report, the report print out on the local user's printer is cutting off the left margin data.  When printed from a local client, the report appears to be automatically adjusted and pushes the starting margin in and prints successfully.
Duplicated by creating a word document with the word TEST and made the left margin 0 in the word document.  Then printed this document from the RDC and the word is cut off.  When printing this same test in word from the local client a warning is given saying the, "One or more margins are set outside of the printable area of the page.  Choose the capital Fix button to increase the appropriate margins."  Choosing fix then adjusts the margin and the page prints successfully with the word TEST moved in on the page and is displayed.
We have reviewed the documentation for the new 2008 print feature and have ensured the client has the requirements:
- RDC 6.0.6001
- .NET 3.0 SP1
- XP SP3
There is a quality report referencing a hotfix that resolves this issue.  Article 957070, which can be found at the following link indicates that it is a fix for, "When a user offers a Remote Assistance invitation to an expert user who is running Windows XP SP3, the expert's logon attempt forcibly logs off the original user," however it also addresses the issue of Terminal Services Easy Print failing to detect correct printable area for physical print device.
You can also download the hotfix from this page.  Rename the file to exe and run on the xp workstation with the XP SP3 and RDC 6.0.6001 as a test.
It is recommended that this fix be applied in a test environment first before applying it in a live environment.
It is also recommended that as this appears to be an Easy Print issue, the best course of action would be to contact Windows Support as they would be better able to assist with Easy Print.  Windows Support can be contacted via telephone at 1-800-936-5800.