Use account schedules to get insight into the financial data stored in your chart of accounts. Account schedules analyze figures in G/L accounts, and compare general ledger entries with general ledger budget entries. The results display in charts on your Home page, such as the Cash Flow chart.

Financials provides a few sample account schedules that you can use right away, or you can set up your own rows and columns to specify the figures to compare. For example, you can create account schedules to calculate profit margins on dimensions like departments or customer groups. You can create as many customized financial statements as you want.

Setting up account schedules requires an understanding of the financial data in the chart of accounts. For example, you can view general ledger entries as percentages of budget entries. You use the Account Schedule window to set up account schedules.

Note: This functionality requires that your experience is set to Suite. For more information, see Customizing Your Financials Experience.

Account Categories and Account Schedules

You can use account categories to change the layout of your financial statements. After you set up your account categories in the G/L Account Categories window, and you choose the Generate Account Schedules action, the underlying account schedules for the core financial reports are updated. The next time you run one of these reports, such as the balance statement, new totals and subentries are added, based on your changes. For more information, see The General Ledger and the Chart of Accounts.

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