ODT Recommends this tool available from Mibuso for free that provides information on a NAV object txt or fob file.


Inspector v3.10

AUTHOR:                  BvB  
CATEGORY:              General downloads
DATE:                        17/06/2012
FIRST RELEASE:     17/11/2008

You can:

- Open and view FOB, TXT, XML and FBK files

- Open 3 files per session

- Compare Objects

- Filter objects

- Generate object filters

- Get Object Totals per file

- Marking objects 

- Sorting objects

- Split/Join Objects

- Quick view an object in a large TXT file

- View Table Keys

- View Table Fields

- View Object Documentation

- View Object Functions

- Export to MS Excel

- Export to Clipboard

- Export Documentation Lines (TXT-Only)

- Export Unique Version List codes

- Delete Objects

- Copy Objects

- Paste Objects from:

> Object Designer

> Code Coverage

> Import Worksheet

> MS Excel

> Inspector

> Other... (TAB separated)


- All NAV Objects Compatible!

- All NAV Files Compatible (Exluding flf)!

- 64-bit systems can't sort and mark objects!