If you are a new reselling partner, we ask that you complete a reselling partner agreement prior.  If you are interested in this please contact us at sales@opendoorerp.com and we can complete this together.

The order process is to place the order via an online form designed to capture your details including the end customer's details for registration, version and build necessary.


Process Overview:

  • Submit the order form
  • Software Invoice is prepared, less partner discounts if applicable and sent for prepayment.
  • Once we receive payment confirmation (EFT, Wire or Scan/Picture of Cheque) we will release you the code.

Note: Our minor addons including ODTAC, ODTIC and ODTEFT are not registered addons.  This means that the customer's custom object ranges are used for assigning via PSBC or the objects can be renumbered by you the partner to fit the need.