Intention of this article is to provide a starting point for the exciting changes coming with extending your solution with VS Code.

Summary of initial steps to start exploring are:

Steps to set up a sandbox environment and Visual Studio Code

Go through the following steps to set up a sandbox environment. With the preview you get sample code that compiles and runs with just a few commands.

1) Sign up for a Dynamics 365 for Financials sandbox. (Note that to modify your live tenant is not available as of January 17th, 2018 but is coming soon)
2) Download Visual Studio Code.
3) Download the AL Language extension.
4) Press Ctrl+, to open the user settings window; here you can modify the telemetry settings.
5) Press Alt+A, Alt+L to trigger the Go! command, and then choose Cloud.
6) Enter the credentials you provided for the sign up, and then Download symbols.
7) Press F5 to deploy and run the extension on your online sandbox tenant.

Please carefully review the following links and documentation to continue to review and learn.  Start with some videos here!

VS Code Documentation:


App Development Information:

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