Overview and Functionality

Open Door’s Advanced AP Check product includes three main functional enhancements:

Advanced AP Check

  • The ability to define the desired check format from the following selections:
    • Check-Stub-Stub
    • Stub-Check-Stub
    • Stub-Stub-Check
    • Long Stub-Check, or, Check-Long stub are also possible but require some modification.    
  • The ability to request a Separate Remittance at time of check print.
  • A menu option to print the Separate Remittance if that report was not run for some reason immediately following the check print (new in ODTAC1.07).
  • Check numbering: Void Checks no longer use up a “Check No.”.
  • The ability to print MICR lines on checks.
  • The ability to print company logo on checks.
  • The ability to specify company address information in each bank account (where a specific subsidiary or division uses a specific bank account).
  • There is an “Advanced Check” Tab in Purchase & Payables that allows customizing how Check reports will function.

Automated Check Signature  

  • The ability to automatically print a signature on an AP or Payroll Check.
  • Bank Accounts can be individually setup with 1 or 2 signatures, each with specific check Limits for printing the Auto Signature.

Miscellaneous Vendor

  • Purchase Invoices and Credit Memos are modified to allow a Miscellaneous Vendor to be used. The name, address and invoicing information of the vendor is directly entered on the Purchase Invoice or Credit Memo header form.
  • Able to use the Payment Journal and the Suggest Vendor Payments functionality as you would for any other vendor.
  • Able to print checks from the posted invoice using the vendor’s name and address information.
  • Able to create multiple Miscellaneous Vendor entries prior to printing checks.
  • Navigation works as for any other vendor: you can navigate to G/L entries, vendor ledger entries, check ledger entries, etc. and view vendor specific information.

Attached is the current available user manual.