Microsoft created Dynamics 365 Business Central Ideas site so customers and partners can provide feedback on Dynamics 365 and make suggestions for improvements. The tool lets you up vote for ideas, hence promoting them. Experience shows that Microsoft is listening and integrating the ideas to their roadmap - some have already been released. 

Take a look at the FAQ for a complete overview. 

Here's an example of how it goes. If you search for my name on the site Marie-Soleil Goulet-Sawka , you'll see that submitted ideas for review. 

There are comments and feedback on my recommendations and one is even on the Dynamics 365 roadmap. 

Ideas that are urgent and/or important, and the ones getting more feedback and up votes have a better chance of being promoted to the product roadmap. You can browse and search for already submitted ideas and add to them or up vote them. You can even down vote bad ideas. Let us know if you submit new ideas and we can review it and give it our vote. Or send us your ideas and we can submit them for you.