As of 02/02/2018

There is an available exchange rate service feed that allows for assignment of a base rate in the service url and can be configured for NAV.  Included in this article is a NAV Rapidstart package to assist with the setup process.

In summary the necessary steps are:

  • Create and configure a Currency Exchange Rate Service using Float Rate service using the URL<Currency Code>.xml where <Currency Code> is equal to the company's base currency code
  • Configure the Field Mapping
  • Preview to test the expected update
  • Enable the rate service
  • Watch for the expected update

To use the rapidstart package that contains the pre-defined Data Exchange Definition you would import and apply the package, edit the service url and enable.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Confirm your companies base currency by checking the General Ledger Setup
  2. Select Configuration Package from "<Your Company>/Departments/Administration/Application Setup/RapidStart Services"
  3. Import the associated XRATESERV package from this article and apply the package.
  4. Search and open the "Currency Exchange Rate Services" page and select to edit the FLOATRATE rate service defined.  Update the service url to reflect the noted companies local currency.
  5. Select to "Enable" the service, wait for 5 minutes and confirm that the rates are being inserted for expected rates.

It is always advisable to periodically check to ensure that the currencies are updating as expected and review NAV NAS and Job Queues are running as expected.  If there is an error the update will stop inserting the updated records.

If you are finding that in preview you do not see any of the expected currencies appearing with today's rate, check that:

  • You have setup currency codes.
  • That you have 14 or more transformation rules and that the general setup of the rate service definition lines appear like the following