Meltdown and Spectre are vulnerabilities that can be exploited to read and extract data from systems (like stealing cookies from web browsers or access passwords stored in memory). All modern processors manufactured from 1995 and up are affected to some extent.Vendors have released emergency critical updates and additional updates to most products and services are expected to be released in the coming weeks and months. 


While you should not panic, you should monitor your systems and applications, and update your operating systems and firmware as patches are made available. 

Microsoft provides technical guidance for IT professionals to protect against vulnerabilities

The updates have the adverse side-effect of reducing the performance of some systems and applications. There are reports of Microsoft Dynamics NAV being impacted. Simon Kral of Catapult ERP explains How Meltdown and Spectre Affect Microsoft Dynamics Users


Ars Technica issued a full report on Meltdown and Spectre and why they have an adverse effect on performance.

Your IT services provider and Open Door can help you find solutions to improve performance if your solution is impacted.