The intention of this article is to provide the basics with regards to to determine the API End Point and build a sample REST API to retrieve a list of companies in Dynamics 365 Financials, Business Edition.

I downloaded and installed SoapUI to use as a tool to execute a simple GET command of the companies in my sample Dynamics 365 Tenant.  The tenant is your financials solution url, for example:

Download and Install SoapUI via:

Add a new REST project:

Edit the Request 1 added and create a GET method and define the Endpoint using the example of a "Direct Tenant" defined in the following link:

My Example:


Add a Resource based on the following article, in my example i am querying the companies using the resource "/companies"

Add a Basic authentication and use your Dynamics Financial User Name + Web Service Key as the password:

To find your User Name and Web Access Key please look this up via Users in Dynamic:

Use the "Run" command (Green Arrow) to execute this and see the JASON results:

For additional information please see: