A couple scenarios are supported by NAV:

  • Single approver (can be an Approver or a Salesperson – with different possibilities depending on the Approver Limit Type)
  • Multiple approvers using Workflow User Group with a hierarchy with a sequence number or without a hierarchy (ie. all must approve, the order doesn’t matter)

Approvers/approval types are usually setup in the Then Response of the Approval is requested Workflow Step When Event (by clicking on the ellipsis after (+) Add record restriction)

The options are under the Options for the Selected Response for the Create an Approval request step.

The Approver Approver Type gives a couple options:

  • Direct Approver:
    Only the Direct Approver for the requester has to approve. This ignores the approval limit.
  • Approver Chain:
    All the requester’s approvers (if more than one) are notified, regarless of their approval limit but only the qualified one(s) can approve.
  • First Qualified Approver: 
    The first qualified approver for the requester receives the notification and has to approve.
  • Specific Approver: 
    A specific approver (setup in the workflow) receives the notification and has to approve.

The scenario where one of many approvers should approve to unlock the record is currently NOT supported. It would require a small customization to the Workflow User Group behavior.