Jet Budgets

Step 1: Upgrade or Install the Jet Hub (formerly the Jet Web Portal)

If you already have the Jet Hub installed, you will need to download and install the most recent version of Jet Reports (Jet 2019, released October 1st 2018 or later). If you would like assistance with this upgrade, please submit a request to the Jet Support Team.

If you do not have the Jet Hub installed, please be sure to complete the Jet Hub Readiness Questionnaire to ensure you are ready to proceed. I’ve attached another copy for your reference. Please reply to me when you have completed the items in this questionnaire, and we will schedule an installation as soon as possible. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you and other users at your organization to complete our free eLearning Module: Introduction to Using Jet Reports. This includes a comprehensive overview of the Jet Hub to help you familiarize yourself with the general capabilities.

Step 2: Review the Jet Budgets Getting Started Guide

When your upgrade or installation is complete, you are ready to begin using Jet Budgets! Please start by taking a look at our Jet Budgets Getting Started Guide which summarizes our recommended best practices to set your team up for success.

Step 3: Access our Training Resources

Once you have reviewed this article, you may view one or all of our pre-recorded training videos depending upon your role in the budgeting process:

Training Video 1 - Creating and Managing a Budget

This 1-hour video is designed to help those new to Jet Budgets create a budget.  Tasks include creating a budget from scratch, designing the overall structure of the budget (how things roll up), and adding and assigning users to various tasks.

Training Video 2 – Entering and Approving Data

This 30-minute video walks through the steps of how to enter, review, modify and approve data.  Learn the two different techniques for entering data available within the product and how to easily review the entered data.

Training Video 3 – Reporting from Jet Budgets

This final 30-minute video is designed for those users that will be building financial reports with Jet Reports.  We review various Jet Reports specific topics and explore building an income statement using both our ERP for actuals and Jet Budgets for our budget numbers.  If you have previously taken the Jet Reports Fast Financials course, much will be review with the exception of pulling data from Jet Budgets.

Additional information is available online in our Help Center.