ODT AP Check/Cheque layout is a RDLC report that has three layouts.  The layouts are over lapped and make it tricky to adjust the layout desired, but have no fear!

The following is the suggested practice for isolating and changing the desired layout:

Using your preferred method (Custom Layout process in NAV or Layout Design in Designer) use the RDLC report designer to:

  • Export a copy of the RDLC code
  • You can identify the desired configuration via the properties of the "Rectangle".  There are 3 of these stacked on top.
    • rectangle1 = Stub-Check/Cheque-Stub
    • rectangle2 = Stub-Stub-Check/Cheque
    • rectangle3 = Check/Cheque-Stub-Stub
  • Edit the Report Design, right click and send to back the layout you wish to edit, then delete the other two on top.

Save, Export and merge the original report layout back in by deleting from the RDLC the layout you have edited then text merge the RDLC files


If you are using "Custom Report Layouts" this has no affect on the original report and you could simply use the custom layout in the one company.  Otherwise you would need to edit the 3 layouts and assign them as necessary for each bank if using different layouts for different banks in the same company.