The Business Central administration center provides a portal for administrators to perform administrative tasks for a Business Central tenant. 

Here, administrators can view and work with production and sandbox environments for the tenant, set up upgrade notifications, and view telemetry for events on the tenant.

Note that the following users can access the Administration Center for Business Central to work with these features:

  • Your organization's Internal Administrators
    • Internal administrators are the system administrators, IT professionals, or superusers of the customer's company, who are assigned the Global admin role in the Office 365 admin center. For more information, see About admin roles in the Office 365 admin content.
  • Your Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) with Delegated Admin (User with Admin or Helpdesk Agent rights)


Business Central Admin Center

To access the administration center from the URL, use the following pattern but replace [TENANT_ID] with the tenant ID of your Business Central:[TENANT_ID]/admin

For the latest information and additional details, please see: