he Business Central administration center provides a portal for administrators to do administrative tasks for a Business Central tenant. Here, administrators can:

Business Central Admin Center

Access to the administration center

The following users are authorized to access the Business Central administration center:

  • Internal tenant administrators
  • Admin agent (Applicable for Partners Only)
  • Helpdesk agent¬†(Applicable for Partners Only)¬†

Internal administrators are users who are assigned the Global admin role or the Dynamics 365 Admin role in the Microsoft 365 admin center. These users are typically system administrators, IT professionals, or super users at the customer's company. For more information, see About admin roles in the Microsoft 365 admin content.

The admin agent and helpdesk agent roles are assigned through the Microsoft Partner Center for the partner that is associated with the tenant. These roles can access the Business Central tenant as delegated administrators. For more information, see Administration of Business Central Online.

Dynamics 365 administrator

The Dynamics 365 admin can:

  • Sign in to and manage multiple environments. If an environment uses a security group, a service admin would need to be added to the security group in order to manage that environment. Not assigning to an in place security group essentially locks these admins out of any admin management.
  • Perform admin functions in Power Platform because they have the system admin role.

Assign a service admin role to a user

Follow these steps to assign a service admin role.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center as a global admin.

  2. Go to Users > Active users and select a user.

  3. Under Account > Roles select Manage roles.

  4. Select to expand Show all by category.

  5. Under Collaboration select either Dynamics 365 administrator or Power Platform administrator.

  6. Select Save changes.

For additional details please see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/use-service-admin-role-manage-tenant#assign-a-service-admin-role-to-a-user