To purchase ODT Apps and addons, contact ODT Sales to start your subscription and obtain your license.

Installed ODT Apps will be added to the ODT Apps and Addons page used for licensing.

How to use the ODT Apps and Addons page


Subscription licenses for all ODT apps installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment can be managed from this page.  This page provides the means to enter your license keys, manage your subscriptions, assign users and increase your subscription quantity.

1. Use the "Refresh Subscription" to check for changes.

2. Use the Validate Subscription or enter the license key in the column to apply your key.

3. Select "Purchase Additional Users" to add an additional quantity of users to the Purchased License Qty. when the Subscription Unit Type is User. 

4. "Manage Assigned Users" or selecting the "Assigned Qty" field provides the ability to assign user based license keys to use the related ODT App.  

Note: to cancel or reduce your subscription licenses please contact your partner representative, your ODT account manager or email sales@opendoorerp.com