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In some cases, the Microsoft Entra organization (also known as the Microsoft Entra tenant) of a Business Central customer changes after they acquire a Business Central environment. This situation can occur for various reasons, such as the following:

  • Business entities merge.
  • An acquisition takes place.
  • The customer decides to use one Microsoft Entra tenant in a specific region and stop using Microsoft Entra tenants they created in other regions.
  • The environment was mistakenly created by the reselling partner for the wrong Microsoft Entra tenant.

In all such cases, the customers want to preserve the Business Central environments they created for the original Microsoft Entra tenants, and link them to the new ones instead. Microsoft Support can move an environment from one Microsoft Entra tenant to another, based on a support request.

As a Microsoft Partner we can raise a support request with Microsoft to facilitate this type of work request for the above reasons, so long as we are a delegated admin for both tenants and with confirmation of your authorization to conduct the move.

We would assist with the following:

You can request to move one or more environments. For Microsoft to do the move, you'll need to provide information about the source and destination Microsoft Entra tenants, such as:

  • Environments name, type and country
  • Source tenant ID and domain
  • Destination tenant ID and domain
  • Does the destination tenant have a valid Business Central subscription?
  • Does the destination tenant have enough available user licenses?
  • Does the destination tenant have enough environment licenses?
  • Does the destination tenant have enough storage available for the environments being migrated?

Once the move is completed, your environments will appear in your new tenant.

For details please review:  Move an environment to another Microsoft Entra organization - Business Central | Microsoft Learn