Regarding:  Business Central environments using EBizCharge app to manage credit card payments in Business Central. 

Important information about this app:

  • The app is used to collect credit card payments on sales transactions.
  • The app uses a key to communicate with the payment service. This key is copied to sandboxes and test companies when they’re created. This means real payments could accidentally be processed from non-production companies.
  • There is no setting to disable the app and it cannot be uninstalled as it would prevent users/us from confirming the app compatibility with an update or customization.
  • Recommendation when creating a copy of your company or production environment for Sandbox/testing:
  1. The client admin/key user should contact EBizCharge support to request a test key. They will need to provide their ‘merchant’ information (their company name and contact). This key is to be then kept and used with the next two steps each time they create a sandbox or test company.  EBizCharge support:
  2. In sandbox environments, enable allow HttpClient requests to avoid a 'production service' error message preventing users from processing sales transactions.



  1. In each company in a sandbox environment or in each test company in production, clients should replace their real key by the test key. This will call a test service. They will then be able to process transactions and even run test payments.



As more apps are installed by clients without us necessarily being involved or aware, make sure to always take a look at installed apps or integration points (Shopify, CRM, other) before processing transactions in an environment. The same goes for environment creation and deletion. Most are inoffensive, some could create problems we want to avoid.