This is always a difficult question but is an important one to understand together.

We take pride in supporting your business and the solutions that drive your success.  This means being a partner with you, for you, when you need us.

The fact of the matter is though that we are not compensated by software providers such as Microsoft for our efforts when engaging with you.  When we raise a support ticket on your behalf we are charged by Microsoft and are not compensated for our time researching, troubleshooting, replicating or deploying the fix.  If there is a product issue and we work together to address it and it is not a direct result of efforts completed by us, this is a billable activity.  

Open Door Technology takes great pride in the quality services and products we deliver.  We do not charge for the time it takes for us to resolve an issue we create.  This, however, does not include situations where:

  • Scope of what is requested changes.
  • Additional development is required than previously expected or budgeted.
  • Data issue created by a user taking an action that was not expected or tested.
  • A process or modification was tested and promoted to production.

Activities that are billable include:

  • Meetings and communication including phone calls, chat and emails
  • Internal meetings/discussions that may include requirements, planning and/or design
  • Investigating/Troubleshooting/Testing to re-produce or provide a solution
  • Managing requests and support tickets
  • Providing solution documentation and/or information
  • Setting up apps, validating license keys, managing user access or license assignments

What we do not charge for is our internal learning time related to the products we sell.  Nor do we charge for managing your licensing (adding/removing subscriptions, providing license files or keys), demonstrations and providing proposals.

Time and materials is a standard phrase we use in relation to services provided where the employer (your organization) agrees to pay the contractor (Open Door Technology Inc.) based upon the time spent by the contractor's employees and subcontractors employees to perform services, and for materials/expenses used, no matter how much work is required to complete. Time and Materials is generally used in projects in which it is not possible to accurately estimate the size of the project, or when it is expected that the project requirements would most likely change.

We work with you to manage the scope and time invested.    

Open Door Technology's default billing period is monthly, (time and materials) is a minimum charge of 15 minutes of effort (0.25 hour), billed at the end of the month with NET 20 day terms.  Our support team will respond to all requests, it’s your responsibility to make sure the person sending a support request has the authority. By contacting support, you are approving up to two hours of effort. An estimate will be provided for requests requiring more than two hours of estimated effort to complete, and your approval will be required before we proceed with the work.

There are current support plans that allow you to take advantage of discounted rates for prepaid contracts otherwise by default you are billed monthly for the time we invest with you.